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    CX-3 Ride Quality

    Thank you for replying. So the torsion beams are transferring that energy and there isn't any dampening. The reason for the torsion beams, though, is to give more trunk space. Coil springs would have eaten up a lot of that, but provided a better ride quality. Engineering picked one over the...
  2. Q

    CX-3 Ride Quality

    So, the CX-3 ride quality has been described in some articles as "jarring." It certainly needs improvement. Where could all the transfer of energy from bumps in the road be traveling from and through until it reaches the cabin and passengers? Are there any mods or products that improve ride...
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    Hello CX-3 from L.A.

    I have a lot of experience working on Jeep TJ's and now want to use some of that knowledge to improve some aspects of this 1 day old CX-3