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Mazda CX-3 Tuned by AutoExe



Normal people don't buy these shrunken 4x4s because they want to tune them, but those who do will be glad to know that a Japanese company called AutoExe has a cool set of aftermarket bits.

We start at the front with an insert that mounts to the bottom of the factory bumper and adds a more muscular look. You might want to be careful while trying to go over any speed hump because this insert looks like it belongs in motorsport. AutoExe has also installed new LED lights at the bottom and changed the standard grille for one of their own, garnished with piano black trim.

Around the back, they've installed a big wing on top of the boot to accent the CX-3's sporty characteristics. Down below, a new exhaust system with twin pipes mounts in the middle of a silver diffuser insert.

AutoExe is a motorsport company with a long Mazda association dating back to the RX-7 era. So it's not surprising that they can mount all sorts of suspension parts, including lower springs, stiffer shots, anti-roll bars, a tower brace and other body stiffeners. You could even ask them for performance air filters and interior inserts.

Mind you, the CX-3 doesn't offer much in this department. The Mazda2's crossover cousin is offered in Japan with the same 1.5-liter engine that burn either petrol or diesel. Most buyers seem to go for the latter version since it's one of the most frugal cars on the market.