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Didn't buy today and I'm mad.

Why, oh, why does the AC compressor have to cut off at wide open throttle?

My wife and I were super-enthused about going to the Mazda dealer today to pick up the CX-3 we reserved last weekend. Decided to take it for one last test drive in the middle of the day.

We can overlook the fact that it's a 3000lb car with 155hp.

We can overlook the fact the AC is not exactly super powerful.

We love Mazda and we love the CX-3.

But seriously, there's no way we can own a car whose AC isn't on all the time. We live in Houston. It's 105F today. The traffic moves at 70-80mph. You'll spend a very large portion of your time driving this thing at WOT in high heat. The AC cutoff "feature" renders the AC nearly inoperable in these conditions.

And there's no way to disable the feature.

Sad. Dave Coleman - I expected better than this from you!