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Odo fuel mileage monitor

So this forum is still so Young, so I'm going to throw this discussion out here, and anyone can feel free to throw their opinion, or observations back in here whenever!

I want to talk about the MPG discrepancies I've noticed in the fuel mileage monitoring system in the apps section of our infotainment. Those discrepancies lead (in my 2017 cx3 sports' situation) to throwing off the tanks range, miles per gallon average in the odometer screen, and confidence driving outward, I don't want to make this seem like a life or death, as it's truly a minor inconvenience, and after 7 months of owning our first Mazda, my only complaint. Otherwise it's been a great car I have no reason to believe won't be in my family for the next 6-8 years.

So to sum up all the information of my cars situation I can share to give some sort of insight in my concern here are my observations:

After filling up we've noticed a few times, but not every time, the range states around 220's (miles per tank) while we drive a minimum of 300 to the tank

We've noticed the odometer total average to state 22 -23.5 while I stated getting 300 to the tank I must be getting slightly better than that, while not quite at the hybrid range

The app in the infotainment system "fuel mileage monitoring" (I believe it's called) stated a "this drive" in a bare graph ranging from 10 one minute intervals then 20 minute average bars. We live in New England so a lot of stop and go and a good amount of highway and a little of he AWD comes into play, the "this drive average" hovers around 30s when driving a lot of city as we are both light on the peddle, and the highway driving "tis drive average" goes up to the 37-40 mpg range, but e total average scarcely reached 26 at moments before sinking down to the low 20's

The big ticket! We have an automatic starter for the colder weather months, the car seems fully operate while running under the security of the starter, where as my chevy under the (factory) will not run any systems other that the hvac and the engine itself, that being said it's understood the cars calculating the time the engines run in but not moving as negative mileage. It's to my understanding today's cars cannot possibly consume enough fuel while idling to drag this mileage, but that's my only area of weakness in m attempt to fill up as infrequently as possible.

Coming soon are some photos to post with the concerns, thank you for reading !
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